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A New Year for a Clean Home

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

As the New Year approaches, many people want to start the New Year by starting clean and fresh. Many "resolutionites" dive into getting on the latest detox trend, signing up for a new gym membership, or find better ways to reduce daily stress. As those are definitely great goals to add to your list, one recommendation is giving your living space a fresh clean that it needs. You know the saying “clean home equals a clean mind.”

A few tips on giving your home a fresh look for the new year:

1. Declutter your home

  • Many of us end up piling stuff in our home that sometimes we forget that we had it in the first place. Give yourself the time clear out any unused small appliances, clothes, or any items you feel you no longer need. Go to your local charity or organization that can benefit your unused items.


  • After decluttering your home, it's time to get into those kitchen appliances you haven’t been able to clean throughout the year because of your busy schedule. Although this can be stressful, getting a cleaning company to do your first initial deep clean is the way to go! Companies like Dallas Housemaids can get into the corners of your fridge, degrease the oven from all the Holiday cooking, and get the cobwebs you were unable to reach.


  • Now that you have decluttered your home and received a deep clean for the new year, make this 2019 year a time where you can minimize the stress of the mess in your home and continue with a recurring general house clean weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Coming home to a clean home after a hard day at work can change your mood, lifestyle, and overall well-being!

Get your first initial deep clean or schedule a recurring general house cleaning with Dallas Housemaids today.

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