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Football Party Cleanup Tips

It’s Football season and you decide to host every Sunday football game. Tables are set up for drinks, popcorn is popped, and pizza is on its way. Friends and family arrive; everyone is rooting for the home team. With each touchdown everyone's jumping, cheering, and high fiving. It was a good game! As the last guest walks out the door, you turn around and notice that there needs to be some major cleanup. Popcorn is under the couch, empty soda cans are sitting on the table, and you notice a few spills on the kitchen floor. You definitely do not have the time or energy to clean it up, you have to work on Monday morning! No one wants to do an after-party cleanup so consider these pre-party tips to make sure you're not spending all night cleaning.

  • Have trash and recycle bins easily accessible and possibly have more than one out! Make sure you are starting your bins with a fresh new bag. You definitely don't want to miss the play because you were taking out the trash.

  • Use biodegradable serving pans, paper plates, bowls, napkins, cups, and eating utensils. Rinsing and scrubbing dishes can take quite a bit of time.

  • Oils from finger foods can show up surfaces even on those couch pillows! Have some paper towels or moist towelettes out for hand-wiping.

  • Put up any items such as vases, trinkets, or anything that could possibly break. In crowded rooms, there is a higher chance of items like these breaking.

  • Use slipcovers on couches and chairs. Prevent deep spills on the upholstery! It can be expensive to get it cleaned and also replaced!

  • Have cleaning supplies ready. Some guests step up and assist if they see a spilled drink or chips on the floor that keeps getting stepped on. Hosting a party can be a team effort.

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